Time to See What You Were Meant to Be

God gives each of us unique gifts and abilities to build the church. Serving is one of the best ways to discover and use the gifts God has given you.

As you serve, you’ll meet other Christians who can help you see what makes you special. You’ll also experience the joy of God working through you to make a difference in others’ lives.  

No matter what season of life you’re in, Temple has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, and schedule. Discover some of our ministries, and sign up to get more information.

First Impressions is here to help all new attenders have a great experience at our services.  From greeting our new attenders outside to helping them find a seat, our First Impressions team is there.  If you are someone who loves interacting with new people and helping them feel welcome, the First Impressions team would be a great place for you to serve.  

Every Sunday, our worship team comes ready to help prepare our hearts for the preaching of the Word.  We love having new members, and we have many areas for you to plug in from singing to playing instruments.  All we ask is that you come ready to serve the Lord and give Him all the glory.

Every Sunday, our sights and sounds team aims to bring quality video and sound to our services and streaming sites.  If you love helping behind the scenes to make sure the technical aspects of the service run smooth, then sights and sounds might just be for you.  If your interested, come give us a visit, and make sure to ask about our team.