AT Temple, we strive to help our students GROW INTO THE CHRISTIAN LEADERS OF TOMORROW.

From Middle through High school, God has called us to raise up the next generation to be faithful followers of the kingdom of God. At Temple, we offer a variety of ministry opportunities to help all ages and their families to connect with Jesus. 

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          MIDDLE / HIGH SCHOOL          

It’s hard sometimes to know when you’re winning with teenagers, you know? Like, is anything we’re teaching actually sinking in? Are teenagers really growing in their faith? That’s why we decided to go ahead and define the big win for our ministry. It’s the one thing that we, as a ministry, want to achieve. It’s the goal we want to keep in mind at all times. And it’s what motivates and guides everything we do. It goes like this...



living out THEIR FAITH.


Now, we say “takes a step” for a reason. It’s because there’s no finish line or certificate of completion when it comes to spiritual growth. Instead, spiritual growth is a journey (a life-long journey) and no two journeys are identical. That’s why our big win doesn’t have anything to do with a specific skill or achievement. Instead, we win anytime we see a teenager take a single step closer to owning their faith.


What, exactly, does it look like for a teenager to live out their faith? Well, we believe there are four things that both lead to, and are a result of, spiritual growth. 

What do these four things look like...

SPEND TIME WITH GOD: This is an obvious one, right? Sometimes it’s the only spiritual habit we can name. After all, isn’t “growing spiritually” synonymous with “spending time with God”? Well, not exactly, but it’s still pretty important. After all, if teenagers are ever going to make their faith their own, they’ve got to start spending time with God on their own. It means opening the Bible on their own, having conversations with God on their own, and discovering how they best connect with God through worship on their own.

SPEND TIME WITH OTHERS: Engaging in healthy community can, and should, be a spiritual habit we help our students develop. But “healthy community” doesn’t just mean hanging out with Christians. This spiritual habit is about growing in Christlike relationships with everyone.

USE THEIR GIFTS: Teenagers need to know that God made them unique, and special, and with really specific gifts, talents, passions, and resources. Then they need to use those gifts to love God, love others, and influence the world around them. Because when teenagers begin to discover who God made them to be, and then use their unique identity to love both God and others, they grow.

SHARE THEIR STORY: Teenagers need to learn how to talk about God. Sharing your story is the spiritual habit of making faith a regular, everyday, go-to topic of conversation in our lives. Because when we talk about God and His place in our story (or, more accurately, our place in His story), it helps us believe, helps us understand, and helps us take ownership of our own faith. 

We count it as a win whenever a student takes a step toward living out their faith by practicing one, or maybe even all four, of these spiritual habits.

Useful information for parents

  • All 6th - 12th Grade students are welcome. 


    Bible Fellowship is a what we like to call our Sunday school. This is a time of Bible study meets every Sunday morning in the LODGE before our worship service.


    Our student ministry (grades 6-12) meets every Wednesday for fun, worship, teaching, and fellowship.

  • There are three environments for teenagers in our ministry. Each one is designed to strategically invite teenagers on a journey into deeper relationships with their peers, leaders, and Jesus. Each environment is designed with every teenager in mind - the kid who’s grown up in church and the first-time visitor too.

    EVENTS: Throughout the year, we’ll host several big events designed to help teenagers connect with their peers and their leaders. Events are often the environment where teenagers will walk into our ministry for the very first time.

    WEEKLY PROGRAMS: Our weekly programs happen every single week. They’re designed to help teenagers grow in four key areas. 

    SMALL GROUP: Small groups are are a very important part of what we do. They happen throughout the year, but the relationships built in small groups extend outside the walls of our church. They’re designed to connect every teenager with a trustworthy adult and community of their peers.

  • A leadership team who loves Jesus create the messages we teach at Temple STUDENTS. Your student will hear clearly what it means to follow Jesus. 

  • You can find out what our church and ministry believes HERE.